Tamirus Elevated To High Physician

The council of the Physician's Caste of Gor convened a meeting discussing the new PCoG structure this past weekend. Tamirus was recalled to attend a hearing chaired by Lady Kaiila. He was questioned with respect to Education, Clinical Practices, Physician Ethics. Previous mentors and former Apprentices under Tamirus' tutelage also testified to the character and … Continue reading Tamirus Elevated To High Physician

Tamirus Returns to Varn

` The Tarn Breakwater transports Tamirus en route for Varn It was a bittersweet moment when Tamirus left Varn to pursue travels throughout Gor. He knew that as he got further away and over time, that he would miss his Isle and especially the host of characters there that he truly missed. Tamirus recognizes that … Continue reading Tamirus Returns to Varn